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Welcome to Edubolics.com! Our mission is to continue taking pride in selling useful learning material that will get you educated quickly. By using written resources that are easy to pick up AND ARE ALSO ENTERTAINING, our readers have shaved off months of tedious studying from sources such as textbooks and have been able to get the most relevant facts and programs that provide them skills in their respective disciplines, school courses, and hobbies. Our illustrative guides and comic books provide that kind of content for people who don't want to waste too much time trying to understand various subjects and need to learn fast! It's like going to school, only $30,000 cheaper!

No Manuals on Earth Are Like This!

The books and educational material you will find here are written with a certain reader in mind (the majority of people) who don't mind learning at all, but would admittedly prefer to read 'school related' and other educational material in a way that is STRAIGHT AND TO THE POINT!

With that said, we have focused on providing our readers with literature that is a combination of HUMOR, ILLUSTRATION, SURREALISM, and is FUN, EASY TO READ, and as you'll find out EASY TO LEARN ABOUT VARIOUS STUFF with at the same time!

For those of us who appreciate comics, and realize how much easier it is to learn something as abstract as PHYSICS, check out our recent collection: Jack Dogg's Guide to Physics!

What Professionals are Saying
about Jack Dogg's Compendium Guide to Physics

"The book strikes a unique balance in making physics fun and not compromising necessary conceptual information. It reaches students at their level.. Material is made accessible by employing the kind of style that many students can connect to..."

Germano S. Iannacchione
Associate Professor/Department Head
Worcester Polytechnic Institute