The Boatyard

 By Octavio C. Rhodes Copyright © 2017   O. Rhodes 
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“They wanted social peace and comfort  in a small artistic  community, but they destroyed the planet instead.”

Genre:  Distopian/ Urban fantasy, sci-fi fantasy

Tagline for the book:

A group of young adults have found refuge in the Boatyard, a collective commune known for its artistic contributions that it brings to the greater community in Warren Rhode Island. But when Michelle, a resident with clairvoyant ability starts receiving strange supernatural visions of the world about to turn upside down, she watches helplessly as the tenant’s disagreements over identity politics starts to ruin the commune, and maybe everything else in the physical planet they’ve ever known.
The Boatyard is unique. It has been received by a community of readers as a self-help tome making sense of social issues and existential concerns in the modern world while at the same time being an urban fantasy/sci fi novel that never loses its intrigue. If you would like to contact the author about the related anthology works The Boatyard belongs to, leave a message!


Notes about the Boatyard:

This [was the rough draft] for a novel I’m working on.  It is inspired by a true story: I really have had friends that lived in a commune made up of artists. Collectively, our artistic skills had successfully added culture in our city. And then slowly, as new members had taken residence,  they watched the culture of identity politics slowly eat away everything that we were once proud of in our community. I have found that understanding how to think critically is the best remedy I have while our world continues to fall apart.

In this crazy time, the idea for a novel came to me, as I have been watching friends from all sides of life get persecuted by where they stood on with their beliefs.  Misunderstandings and slander take over, and soon the entire community goes to pot.  The drama is all real in this story, but the ending… well, I hope it really doesn’t ever come to that for any of us.

In this story, a young woman with clairvoyant ability watches helplessly as she observes her housemates contribute to calamity: ego and emotion mixed with bad timing destroy an artistic community.  Perhaps the actions of the residents didn’t deliberately mean to destroy the world, but they contributed to its destruction anyways.   Some of my readers best comments describe The Boatyard as a cautionary tale of  P.C culture run a muck; when PC culture pushed too far doesn’t just destroy society, but physical reality itself.  If, as another reader said, the biggest enemy we can face is the enemy of losing our humanity, then I hope this story never comes to fruition…

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