I was just curious…

Hi.  Thanks for the emails, suggestions and comments so far!  Just curious.  I plan to upload a new chapter of the Boatyard this Tuesday, but anyone curious to read some other short stories?  Feel free to give me feedback if you do!  I’ve been working on short sci-fi or dystopian stories related to this universe where the Boatyard is taking place.   Same kind of subtle themes/talk about the human condition taking place — the same existential pangs we all worry about, but with different characters and with subtle twists.  Let me know if you would like to read some of them.  I would love to get some critique and feedback from people.  Thanks!

8 thoughts on “I was just curious…”

    1. I understand your struggle! I literally lived alot of the story (minus the surprise ending, as you may see). I know what it’s like when misunderstandings turn into chaos and destroy what once was an idea thing. Best of luck with everything, and I hope things work out for you and everyone you know in real life!

  1. Hi, great site and great content. Only thing that is not good about your site is that the backgrounf is white and the text color is also white which makes reading quite hard.

    Good Luck with everything and hope you fix this issue. 🙂

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