Notes from the author: ‘The Boatyard’ evidently is reality..

So as some readers know, I started writing this story as a mental exercise to make sense of the modern world in my own odd way.   As a collective, the world has become so odd right now, so skewed in something that would resemble something harmonious that most people I know can only do one of two things:  a) look the other way and hope for the best or b) accept that as the weeks pass, we are living more and more in some sort of Marvel movie.   Actually, I would argue that we’ve moved into something even more surreal, because in a Superhero movie, the characters tend to be one dimensional and can not relate with the rest of us as to what it’s like being stuck on this planet while some sort of strange setback seems to affect our tendency to live ideal lives we wish we could live — because seemingly, it’s in our human nature to be complacent, lazy, greedy, etc.  All those idiosyncrasies seem to set so many of us back on a daily basis, and for some dumb reason, we seem to settle for it — for that is what makes us ‘human’.

So anyway,  as I kept trying to make sense of things about how everybody’s emotional biases seem to clash in cataclysmic levels on a daily basis, I wrote the Boatyard (see ‘About this project’ on the left side of this page).   I’ve always felt that even in telling a story involving psychology, a good plot is necessary.  I needed a plot to all the unique discussion about contemporary social issues that the characters in my story have with one another, and that’s where the backstory of this natural disaster striking stuff came to life.  The strange paranormal physical concerns Michelle is feeling were based on the odd natural anomalies that have been happening in recent years: the eclipse last year, the unsettling hurricanes, and the like.  But as the story kept fleshing out, it’s been wigging me out how it looks like the planet is starting to resemble more and more like what you read about in the Boatyard.    Don’t believe me?  Keep watching.  Keep reading…

Anyhow, for those of you who haven’t heard, here’s the latest thread I had never heard about that (apparently) is happening here in the United States, never mind other parts of the world.  This one was reported a few days ago:

I might start adding my ‘news bits’ as part of the ‘notes about the Boatyard’.  Stay tuned and I would love to hear your thoughts about what you think about all this stuff going on and how life seems to imitate art (if you’ve actually been reading ‘The Boatyard’). Thanks for your feedback.

— O. R.

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