Chapter 17: Pesadilla

 “You know the tragedy of human life is well take good things for granted until it’s too late.  Our egos have received us.  Always yearning to want more. Spiritual gluttony until we are robbed of the present and tricked into yearning for a future that doesn’t exist.

That thought came to her as soon as she woke up.  She had not made any effort to think such a thought, and frustrated, she wished she could go back to sleep.  That night Michelle was having the recurring dream again.  The third time this month.  She dreamt she was on top of Indian Hill back at her aunt’s house in Worcester.  It was daylight, and there in the valley below she could see the large body of  Indian lake expand over the northern part of the city — except the house suddenly turned into  the boatyard.  For some reason four paratroopers whose skydiving plane had gotten lost had to land and randomly get stuck on the roof of the building house in one way or another.   Even during her dream, Michelle started to think it odd, and the despite the news team that showed up to her door, everyone in the neighborhood dismissed it as a coincidence.

As the dream continued, police had wanted to do background checks on the paratroopers; they certainly seemed to have come out of nowhere, but they just dismissed it a freak coincidence.  There was, after all, a skydiving school in orange Massachusetts.  It must have taken a wrong turn and some sort of wind might have carried the skydivers straight to the house.

Her dream went on until suddenly it was dark out and her cousin Alex who appeared out of nowhere woke her up in the middle of the night and told Michelle that she wanted to go for a swim.  But as Michelle looked at the lake below, an unsettling feeling continued to grow in her mind.

“That’s not right” she grunted back at her cousin. “The lake’s level had easily risen a hundred feet.  I don’t get it. It looks like it’s in rapture: it wants to escape out of the valley somehow.”

“So?  So what’s the big deal about that?”

“That’s physically impossible!” As she looked at the night sky to wonder about the moon.  “Hey there’s another moon up there!  Can’t you see it?”

“I don’t see anything.” But there it was:  nearby enough it seemed;  on the other end of the horizon.  Opaque.  Too dim for her cousin to apparently see it.  And despite her objections, Michelle’s cousin, now fascinated by the risen water level of the  lake decided despite Michelle’s objections to go down there for a swim.

Her dream went on, and as it became daylight again, Michelle found herself taking a walk around Indian Hill with members of the Boatyard.  Peter was there, and so was Jamie, and a few other people that didn’t exist in real life.   Now here were easily a dozen more moons all over the sky.  Opaque; not as bright as the original moon or massive, or perhaps further away, but they were there.  They were really starting to mess with gravity on the planet.

“Can’t you feel this!?” she screamed.  But no one seemed to care.  She could feel the fluids in her own body gravitating towards the sky.  And it was clear that all water molecules wanted to do the same thing. Indian lake below had risen another 300 feet, and by now water molecules were doing something strange.  They were rapturing towards the moons in random directions, with twelve times as much intensity as they had before.  The gravitational effects were now making the entire lakelook like a bubbling cauldron of water, desperately wanting to escape towards the sky. Yet no one seemed to be paying attention.  Michelle ran into the house and looked inside the jug of water in the fridge and could see the same effects taking shape.

“For God’s sakes!  Can’t you see what’s going on?”

“No” one the bystanders finally told her.   “If it’s a big national emergency you’re saying, some defense system will take care of everything.”

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