Several new chapters uploaded, and other news!

“Don’t back off from controversial issues… seek truth: People that don’t want to give up their positions do not care about the idea of being enlightened” —  Michelle — The Boatyard

Hi everyone.  Thank you so much for your patience and willingness to keep updated on this novel.   As posted before, I have uploaded the newest version of the Boatyard on Amazon.  If you are curious if it’s a good read, I have include the latest edits for the first 18 chapters of The Boatyard (including several new chapters never published before) here on this site for free.

It’s amazing.  Feedback has been pretty positive concerning the book by people that have stumbled onto the site or read some of the chapters.  I’m finding it really strange how every time I go on YouTube and to stay up on current events or watch the news, I am floored with how many parallels there are now in our real world and what the characters from The Boatyard are discussing, not to mention the unfortunate trail that everything seems to be leading to in real life.  Does art imitates life or is the other way around?

I’ve come to realize maybe this book serves as some sort of bizarre ‘devotional’ or philosophy book that helps readers clear their head of tough existential ideas that bother them about society but as some have told me, don’t know how to articulate exactly what they’re feeling.  I don’t know; I’m really flattered by some of those comments, so I figure even though I wrote this book to be some sort of a grabbing Urban Fantasy thriller, if the dialogue between the characters really helps readers dissect social issues in our crazy post modern times, then by all means that’s great to hear.  I think readers will be stoked to know I’ve been working on an anthology series to this work titled ‘Issues of the Daze’.  More updates on that in a bit.  Enjoy!

– O. Rhodes

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