Thanks everyone for the feedback! Updates

I just wanted to write quickly to readers and say thanks for the support lately! By the way, every one of your comments — even the ones with constructive criticism — have been invaluable because it helps develop my skills as a story teller and writer.  So far the feedback has been positive, and I appreciate it!   Some individuals who have written to me have told me they can more or less relate to some of the parts of this story; I think that’s great, because in a way, this story is one big therapy session trying to make sense of the troubled things in our current society we all seem to want to make sense of.

Also, as some of you know, this book is trying to published, and for aspiring authors out there, I’ll be happy to give you updates on how a book like this gets published, because I’m learning myself as I go along.   I’ll try to write a blog on my experiences so far in the near future.  Your continued comments are invaluable, because it can help polish this work to present to publishers.  So  I’m still working on adding content to this book, and the whole story, although its basic outline done, is a work in progress.  I should have another chapter up (hopefully) by Tuesday.

I can’t write as often as I’d like; (life gets in the way, and I’ve had to work a bit and figure out a way to raise money to pay the bills), so there’s another reason why I appreciate your continued support if you’ve been enjoying the read.  Please tell your friends and help spread the word!


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